YG Entertainment, the agency overseeing BLACKPINK, has remained silent regarding the exclusive contract status of the four members.

Despite the fact that BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment was supposed to end on August 8th, there has been no official statement from either party.

Due to this, many fans have started speculating about BLACKPINK, suspecting that they might not be renewing their contract with YG Entertainment.

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Amidst the various speculations, representatives from the entertainment industry recently revealed their predictions.

As reported by KBIZoom on October 23rd, representatives from the entertainment industry predicted that BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment are likely to reveal their contract status in mid-November.

This prediction comes after analyzing quarterly reports, mid-year reports, and YG Entertainment’s business reports. According to these reports, YG always discloses the contract status of its artists.

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In the mid-year report released in August for the second quarter, YG Entertainment had signed exclusive contracts with BLACKPINK, AKMU, WINNER, and TREASURE.

However, it is possible that BLACKPINK’s exclusive contract status might change in the third-quarter report.

It is known that YG Entertainment releases its third-quarter report every second Monday of November. This practice has been consistent for the past three years.

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Most likely, this year’s third-quarter report will be released on November 13th. If the prediction is correct, fans will have to wait for another 3 weeks until the release of the third-quarter report.

This is when they will find out about the continuation of BLACKPINK exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

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