Netizens are in shock. YG Entertainment, the agency of Jisoo from BLACKPINK, officially announced Jisoo and Ahn Bohyun’s breakup on Tuesday afternoon.

YG Entertainment confirmed that it’s true, Jisoo and actor Ahn Bohyun have broken up and will continue their relationship as colleagues/friends.

This statement is quite fresh considering their confirmation of dating was just two months ago after it was reported.

YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s agency, admitted to SPOTV News on October 24th, saying, “Indeed, they have parted ways.”

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Their reason for the breakup is said to be their busy and hectic schedules, much like many other confirmed breakups in the entertainment industry.

Jisoo and Ahn Bohyun acknowledged their romantic relationship in August and were claimed to be the “official couple in the entertainment industry.”

Both parties said, “We started to get to know each other bit by bit with good feelings,” and asked, “Please watch over them warmly.”

Their relationship drew attention because they were the first members of BLACKPINK to acknowledge their love openly.

The two, who quietly grew their beautiful love, have chosen their own paths after publicly dating for two months.

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It is said that they will remain good colleagues and support each other.

Jisoo is currently in discussions with YG about renewing her contract with BLACKPINK.

Jisoo has also been officially confirmed as one of the cast members for a movie alongside Nana and Lee Minho.

Ahn Bohyun will meet the audience with the movie “Noryang: Sea of Death,” which will be released in December.

This news has stirred up netizens and garnered many comments.

“They broke up already????”

“This reason again, seriously?”

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“Jisoo, I can clear my schedule for you.”

“I think this is just YG’s media play.”

“Hey, I just got on your ship. It can’t be, you managed to visit her apartment yesterday.”


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