Lisa BLACKPINK has proven herself to be a free-spirited individual after her bold performance at Crazy Horse.

Lisa BLACKPINK’s courage deserves applause, even though her appearance at Crazy Horse may have slightly tarnished her image.

Nevertheless, Lisa BLACKPINK seems to have chosen a path to demonstrate her true artistry through her decision to perform at Crazy Horse.

After completing three days of performances, various photos of her performance were shared on her personal Instagram account.

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As expected from someone like Lisa, amidst the criticism, she seemed to have struck gold.

The photos uploaded on her personal account received unexpected praise from people.

Several top celebrities showered Lisa with love and admiration for her photos taken at Crazy Horse cabaret.

The photos Lisa posted on October 5th showcased her captivating beauty in various outfits.

Her outfits ranged from a classic white shirt paired with a black skirt to more daring and provocative lingerie sets.

Lisa BLACKPINK at Crazy Horse Cabaret (KBIZoom Collage)

Despite her somewhat controversial attire, Lisa managed to exude an irresistible charm and charisma in every shot.

Her expressions captured in the photos were full of energy and radiated a star’s aura.

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Celebrities from various countries such as Sabrina Carpenter, Thai actress Thanaerng, Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn, and actor Utt Panichkul expressed their pride and admiration for the BLACKPINK member.

Official accounts like Facebook and MTV also showered Lisa with praise in the comment sections.

Lisa’s Post Flooded with Comments from World Celebrities (KBIZoom Collage)

The outpouring of support from fellow celebrities and fans seemed to overshadow any previous negative reactions to Lisa’s decision to perform at Crazy Horse.

On the other hand, another commendable aspect of Lisa BLACKPINK is her choice not to openly respond to negative comments.



Source: KBI Zoom

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