G Dragon  – The investigation into the drug case involving actor Lee Sun Kyun is still ongoing.

In the latest news, the police have revealed that they are currently gathering more information regarding the possible involvement of other celebrities besides Lee Sun Kyun in this drug case.

Apart from Lee Sun Kyun, the authorities explained that they are investigating other celebrities in connection with the drug usage case.

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Recently, a Korean media outlet reported that another celebrity in question is, in fact, G Dragon.

G Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji Young, will be questioned by the Incheon police in relation to the drug case associated with actor Lee Sun Kyun.

G Dragon is being investigated without detention on charges of violating drug abuse laws.

According to the information available, the investigative process is currently underway by the police, and specific details cannot be disclosed at this time.

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G Dragon, who is famous for his involvement with the boy group Bigbang, was previously investigated for marijuana use back in 2011.

However, that case was not pursued further because, based on the investigation, G Dragon was found to have consumed only a small amount.

Netizens were surprised by the information regarding G Dragon’s involvement in the Lee Sun Kyun drug case, and here are some of their reactions:

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“Even though he just changed agencies, I thought he would focus on his music career, but it seems like he’s going in a different direction.”

“Really, he keeps getting accused even though there’s never any concrete evidence. I’m getting frustrated.”

“It’s spreading everywhere now.”

“Actually, he’s been rumored to be involved in this for a long time, and it has never been proven. Hopefully, it’s just a rumor again this time,” and many other reactions.

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