YG Entertainment – Recently, Korean and global netizens have expressed their frustration with YG Entertainment through an online community. Many of them have resorted to using strong language to criticize YG’s actions, which are perceived as malicious and overly obsessed with Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon’s real name).

A significant number of people have questioned why an agency as prominent as one of the “big 3” would take actions that seem to show a lack of respect for G-Dragon’s decisions. As widely known, G-Dragon is no longer a part of YG Entertainment after failing to renew his exclusive contract. There are rumors circulating that G-Dragon is in discussions to join a new company, Warner Music.

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Based on this, netizens suspect that YG’s harsh actions are intended to intimidate G-Dragon into staying with them. This suspicion arises from the fact that YG Entertainment recently extended the trademark registration for “G-Dragon.” It has been confirmed that YG Entertainment applied for a trademark renewal for “G-Dragon” in September of last year.

The “G-Dragon” trademark was initially filed back in February 2003, meaning it has been valid for 20 years. YG Entertainment had previously renewed it once in February 2013, extending its validity until September 13, 2023. Unless there are specific complications, the “G-Dragon” trademark is set to be renewed under YG for the next decade.

YG Entertainment’s actions are noteworthy since G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with the company ended in June 2023, and there are rumors of discussions with Warner Music for a new exclusive contract. This implies that the stage name “G-Dragon” will belong to YG Entertainment, and G-Dragon won’t be able to use his name if he decides to leave YG Entertainment and sign with another company.

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Many find it frustrating that YG Entertainment hasn’t allowed GD to promote for almost 8 years. It seems that YG is not going to change their style; they talk without taking actions. GD has been a cash cow for them (honestly, Yang Hyunsuk made more money with GD than with Seo Taiji), but they treat him like trash.

Imagine just filing a trademark, not for a group, but for one member, not during the contract, but only after the contract ends!

“Huh? Is Yang Hyun Suk surprised? Does he want to move back to the 2nd floor of the building after 16 years?”

“I know even though he has the name Kwon Ji Yong, he won’t lose at all, but it’s still annoying. Seriously, what has YG given him?”

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“It’s not the name they gave him, but they always try to obstruct. Even though GD Kwon Ji Yong is known to the whole nation.”

“The whole nation knows him as Kwon Ji Yong, but the ‘G-Dragon’ trademark is something Kwon Ji Yong dedicated his entire life to create, so it makes me angry that YG is taking it away.”

“They always attempt mediaplay to intimidate GD and Taeyang every time the contract renewal comes up. Honestly, they’re disgusting. And because Taeyang joined The Black Label, somehow it worked out for them. In the meantime, they still have the audacity to use GD’s photo in their auditions, and he raised the company artist’s value so much. The fact that they took his trademark is dirty.”

“Entertainment agencies cry and laugh during contract renewals, G-Dragon and Taeyang, if they fail to renew the contract with YG, they won’t be able to use their names.”

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“Last time, during the contract renewal, the company said to them, ‘We will kill the tree you planted,’ that’s what this company will do. They are low.”

Please note that these statements represent the sentiments of various individuals in the online community and may not reflect the opinions of all netizens or the actual facts surrounding the situation.

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