Taeyeon – SONEs can cheer with joy as Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation has announced her comeback for November!

SM Entertainment has revealed a strong artist lineup for the fourth quarter of this year.

Starting with NCT 127’s 5th album in October with “Fact Check,” SM is set to captivate global music fans with brilliant comebacks from leading artists like Taemin, aespa, Red Velvet, Taeyeon, TVXQ, and new rookie group RIIZE with new songs through the end of the year.

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According to Daum, Taeyeon will be making a comeback with emotionally vibrant songs. She is reported to be preparing for her new album.

It is not yet clear whether this will be a full-length album or a mini-album, as previous rumors suggested Taeyeon might release a new album.

Taeyeon, who has received significant support and love in various areas, including lending her voice for OSTs and commercials, will mark her third album release after “INVU,” which came out in February last year.

A few days ago, Taeyeon was spotted leaving Seoul for Hong Kong, and while the purpose of her trip is not confirmed, fans speculate that she might be preparing for a music video shoot. This news has made SONE (Girls’ Generation’s fandom) excited and thrilled.

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SONEs have been eagerly awaiting Taeyeon’s comeback after a year of no new music. Her last album release was her third album, “INVU.”

After that, Taeyeon released music along with her fellow Girls’ Generation members to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary with “Forever 1.”

This announcement has garnered a lot of positive comments from Knetz:

“K-pop is saved once again!”

“My ears feel blessed.”

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“aespa, followed by Red Velvet and Taeyeon… it feels like a dream.”

“Finally… I can relax.”

However, there are also Knetz who expressed disagreement, feeling that SM Entertainment seems to be giving all female groups comebacks in one month while allocating one month for each male group. They believe SM is being unfair in this regard.

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