The investigation into Lee Sun Kyun drug use has taken a new turn with his statement regarding drug consumption.

Lee Sun Kyun claimed that he unknowingly used drugs. He was seen attending a second police summons for drug allegations on November 4.

During the three-hour interrogation at the police station, he made the following statement: “Oh, the owner of the bar involved in this case gave it to me, saying it was prescribed for insomnia.”

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With this statement, the actor now completely denies any intentional drug use.

On November 6, Attorney Kim Yong Soo told one of the reporters, “If the investigative authorities cannot prove the suspect’s intent, the case cannot be prosecuted.”

Attorney Son Su Ho added, “Drug offenses require intent, so if someone is deceived and unknowingly does it, they will not be punished.”

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Attorney Kim provided an explanation, saying, “For example, in places like clubs, it is common for people to offer drinks to their business partners. If someone unwittingly consumes something that has been secretly mixed with illegal drugs, they cannot be considered guilty.”

He also added, “Even if someone is forcibly injected with drugs and cannot resist, it is difficult to prosecute such cases.”

Now, the question arises as to whether Lee Sun Kyun actually used drugs.

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The actor and the police have remained silent, with an official explaining that there is still no confirmation stage.

The police still have other suspicions, and it is expected that Lee Sun Kyun will be summoned for a third time to undergo hair and body forensic testing and examination of his phone.

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