The old Instagram post by Karina from aespa, which G Dragon liked, drew the attention of Knetz.

It all started when an OP (Original Poster) discovered an old Instagram post by Karina from aespa, where it was evident that G Dragon had liked the post.

Other Knetz reacted with various responses and comments after seeing the OP’s post about G Dragon liking Karina from aespa’s old post.

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It is known that Karina from aespa had uploaded the post on August 8th.

The post by Karina from aespa featured photos of herself during the filming of her mini album “MY WORLD.”

Here are some of the comments from Knetz regarding G Dragon liking Karina from aespa’s old post:

“People go crazy over just simple things like this; he’s truly a superstar.”

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“It seems like he just likes everything, he also likes posts from fan accounts and even likes posts about NCT. Moreover, he even liked an anti-account because the fans would be happy if he liked their posts.”

G Dragon liking Karina from aespa’s old Instagram post (Theqoo)

“It looks like he accidentally liked it while scrolling through Karina’s Instagram.”

“Stop making your own assumptions, don’t feed the trolls.”

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“Don’t feed the trolls. This can be easily explained,” and other comments.

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