Seunghan of RIIZE – RIIZE is about to make its debut soon, but the group continues to face criticism as some of its members get involved in controversies. Seunghan of RIIZE has become one of the members currently being widely discussed due to his controversy.


On Monday, August 28, 2023, a photo allegedly featuring Seunghan of RIIZE circulated widely on an online community forum. In the photo, this RIIZE member is seen kissing a woman in a hotel room.


The photo quickly spread across various online media platforms and social networks. The impact of the image has led to significant criticism and condemnation directed towards Seunghan of RIIZE, even before his official debut moment arrives.


This controversy has sparked demands from many fans, urging SM Entertainment to remove Seunghan of RIIZE as they believe he has damaged the group’s image.

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One user even organized a fundraising campaign to send a protest truck in order to remove Seunghan from the group.

“Fundraising for a protest truck to have Seunghan removed.


We are trying to raise funds for his withdrawal because the discussions that have taken place have affected the group’s image and hindered the entry of fans.


This fundraising campaign will take place from August 30th to September 1st, 2023.”


After the post was uploaded, several netizens (internet users) provided their comments as follows:

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“This is excessive and crossing the line.”


“I don’t feel sorry for him (Seunghan).”


“It might be excessive, but I don’t sympathize with him.”


“I feel like they won’t be able to send a truck due to lack of funds.”


“Indeed, he’s been careless, but this goes beyond the limit… what’s worse is someone exposing it, haha…”


“He’s not pitiable, but the truck protest is excessive.”


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“Excessive… I wonder if they intended it to be like this.”


“Who would give their money for this? Haha…”


“A truck protest will also harm other members.”



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