Seunghan of RIIZE – Lately, Knetz has been buzzing with discussions about various aspects concerning Seunghan from RIIZE. This lively conversation has encompassed a series of issues, ranging from the controversial kissing incident to his absence from the NPOP pre-recording session.


The fact that Seunghan didn’t appear in today’s NPOP pre-recording has triggered speculation among Knetz, with many speculating that this might be a sign of his potential removal from the group.


Following the controversy involving Seunghan from the RIIZE group, who was accused of being involved in a controversial kissing moment with a woman, the spotlight is now on his absence from the NPOP pre-recording session. It’s no surprise that Knetz have been busy dissecting this issue.


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A social media post, displaying a screenshot of an announcement from Hidden School, revealed that Seunghan would not be present for the NPOP pre-recording on August 29. This post has sparked various responses and discussions among Knetz.

The information provided by Hidden School is as follows:




Hello, this is Heidi from Hidden School.


Continuing from yesterday, today we will be doing the pre-recording for NPOP episodes 1 and 2.

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Did you know that NPOP is a ‘pre-recording’ of a music broadcast and is different from a concert?


Please review the following points so that everyone can enjoy the music broadcast safely and pleasantly.


Change in NPOP RIIZE pre-recording:


Member Seunghan will not be attending the NPOP RIIZE pre-recording today. Thank you for your understanding.”


While attaching a screenshot of this information, OP wrote the caption, “What is this?”


This information immediately caught the attention of Knetz, who quickly provided various comments on the OP’s post.


Some of them skeptically questioned whether Seunghan’s actions might lead to his departure from RIIZE, given the numerous controversial issues surrounding his name.


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On the other hand, there were Knetz who agreed with the perspective that Seunghan should temporarily withdraw from public activities, considering the controversial circumstances surrounding him. This viewpoint emphasized the importance of handling the issue wisely and carefully.


Here are some comments from Knetz after learning that Seunghan from RIIZE was absent from NPOP:


“Wow… Oh my goodness…”


“I hope he can calm himself down.”


“I think it’s better for him to take a break. I’m surprised.”


“What’s this? Is it possible? They’re not thinking of kicking him out, right?”


“Wow, I didn’t expect them to go this far. Interesting.”


“Wow, he should calm down.”


“The image of a rookie kissing on a bed got exposed, so it’s clear. I’d also stay quiet if I were him.”


“He didn’t commit a crime, so why are they doing this?”


“Please, I hope they don’t kick him out,” and various other comments.




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