Seunghan of RIIZENot long before their scheduled debut on September 4, 2023, RIIZE, a boy group under the umbrella of SM Entertainment, has been the center of attention.


This is due to a set of photos that surfaced on August 28, 2023, purportedly showing a kissing scene between Seunghan, one of the members of RIIZE, and a woman, suddenly spreading widely and garnering public attention.


The photos allegedly featuring Seunghan of RIIZE were circulated on social media, prompting international fans to come to his defense.


However, it’s not just the dissemination of these photos that has garnered attention; there are now accusations circulating concerning the rookie idol.


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Quoting from Kbizoom, the circulating photos are believed to depict Seunghan of RIIZE with his girlfriend, Mija.

From the circulated images, scenes in some of the photos show them inside an inn in the Incheon area.


In this context, allegations have emerged claiming that Seunghan might have shared the room rental cost with his girlfriend, at a price of 55,000 KRW.


Moreover, other accusations have emerged concerning Seunghan’s behavior in his relationship. Some sources state that there are suspicions that Seunghan might have been involved in acts of violence while in a relationship with his girlfriend.


Furthermore, it’s mentioned that Seunghan is suspected to have been involved in several incidents, including stealing items from his roommate and smoking within the dormitory.


Apart from the aforementioned series of accusations, other allegations claim that Seunghan might have been involved in his girlfriend’s decision to have an abortion in 2021 and never inquired about her health afterward.


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Accusations against the RIIZE member continue to expand, including claims that he might have asked for money and repeatedly demanded that his girlfriend bear the expenses during their relationship.


Furthermore, the situation becomes more complicated when it’s revealed that Seunghan was once forbidden by his girlfriend from meeting new people. He received a threat that they would never meet again if he didn’t comply with the request.


Seunghan of RIIZE is also accused of belittling women, borrowing his friends’ cars for dates, and even becoming angry and hurling insults at RIIZE members who called him while he was on a date.


More allegations concerning Seunghan of RIIZE also involve him allegedly disrespecting Park Jihoon of Wanna One.


As of now, SM Entertainment has yet to provide a response regarding the serious allegations surrounding Seunghan of RIIZE.


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SOURCE: Kbizoom

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