Hyoyeon of SNSD Not long ago, the netizen was stirred by surprising news about one of the popular members of SNSD at the time, namely Hyoyeon. After a considerable amount of time had passed, Hyoyeon fof SNSD was reported to be hosting a live performance again for the release of her latest single titled “Picture”.


However, this emergence brought about a sense of resentment among the fans of Hyoyeon of SNSD. They felt frustrated with the treatment by SM Entertainment, the agency where Hyoyeon had pursued her career since her debut in 2007.


Back then, the beautiful idol with over 6 million followers on Instagram held a live session to interact with fans and discuss her official comeback.


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The drastic change experienced by every idol was deemed very unfair, considering their achievements and success over the years in the entertainment industry.


Previously, she had shared how fans’ expectations sometimes took the form of luxurious sets, dazzling concepts that were the hallmark of artist comebacks from the SM label, and various other hopes.


Hyoyeon instantly caught the attention of netizens during her live broadcast. (Instagram @hyoyeon_x_x, Koreaboo)


However, in a contrasting situation, Hyoyeon appeared with simplicity, casually sitting with balloons around her as the backdrop.


Her statement didn’t stop there. As the session on her YouTube channel concluded, that’s when this idol was seen directly coordinating the comeback preparations through her iMac screen.


This sight was surprising and triggered feelings of dissatisfaction among netizens regarding SM’s actions, as it appeared that the agency was neglecting the interests of the artist who would also represent the agency.


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SM’s approach, known for its distinctive design of MV teasers, concept photos, debut teasers, and various other aspects that invite admiration with an elegant style.


In various online discussion forums, fans gathered to express their feelings and views about what was perceived as unfair treatment from SM, especially in terms of prioritizing promotions for currently trending idols.


Many felt anxious about the situation Hyoyeon was currently facing, observing the differential treatment given by the agency compared to how new idols were treated.


The presence of an artist who had been with the agency for more than a decade raised many questions about the agency’s commitment to their talents and experiences.


Despite these doubts, their relationship with fans remained warmly intact, as seen from their interactions during live broadcasts on social media. Nonetheless, all of this treatment did not shake Hyoyeon’s spirit.


Although the current agency might not be treating Hyoyeon fairly, fans continue to hope for the best for their idol. The hope persists that Hyoyeon will find a new agency that can appreciate her potential more effectively.


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SOURCE : Koreaboo

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