BLACKPINK’s B-Side Song An active user on the Pann website shared an interesting post about the B-side songs of the BLACKPINK group, which triggered a wave of responses from Korean netizens or Knetz.


In their post, the user delved deeply into various B-side songs released by BLACKPINK, and as a result, a variety of comments and reactions emerged from Knetz.


After highlighting these songs, many Korean netizens expressed different responses, revealing their opinions and feelings towards the musical content.


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On the Pann website, the original poster (OP) wrote the caption, “The quality of BLACKPINK’s B-side songs is a bit disappointing.”


The OP then continued, “They have few comebacks, but it would be better if they paid more attention to the B-side songs.”


After the post, a large number of Korean netizens or Knetz expressed their disagreement with the user’s post. These Knetz judged that BLACKPINK’s B-side songs are actually very good, and they even regularly listen to these songs.


Some Korean netizens also gave recommendations regarding BLACKPINK’s B-side songs that they found very enjoyable to listen to. A comment from one Knetz also stood out, questioning whether the OP had ever truly listened to BLACKPINK’s B-side songs.


According to the Knetz’s perspective, if the OP had listened to these B-side songs, then they shouldn’t have expressed an opinion like what they wrote. Furthermore, other Korean netizens acknowledged that even though they weren’t dedicated fans of BLACKPINK, they still liked the group’s B-side songs because they were considered to have enjoyable quality.


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Here are some Knetz comments following the OP’s post stating that BLACKPINK’s B-side songs were disappointing:


“I’m not a fan, but I like BLACKPINK’s B-side songs, so I always listen to all of them.”


“Their B-side songs are very good, what are you talking about?”


“BLACKPINK is the only group whose B-side songs I listen to, except for my bias group.”


“Isn’t BLACKPINK often referred to as a group where people listen to all their B-side songs? They are consistently good in quality, so I wait and listen to all of them.”


“Tell me, which song do you think has bad quality?”


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“What’s that? Have you ever listened to BLACKPINK’s B-side songs?”


“Aren’t they always mentioned as a group where people listen to all their B-side songs? Instead of coming back often, the quality is very good, so I wait and listen to all of them.”


“I suggest you listen to ‘Kick it,’ ‘Bet You Wanna,’ ‘The Happiest Girl,’ ‘Tally.’ Especially, please remember to listen to ‘Kick It.'”


“The songs might be few, but the quality is good. I often listen to the whole album,” and various other comments.



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