SECRET NUMBER – On August 27th, the group SECRET NUMBER captivated the audience with their performance on the Inkigayo stage, eliciting a variety of responses from netizens.


Netizens felt joyful and proud of the outstanding performance displayed by SECRET NUMBER on Inkigayo.


However, not all netizens were cheerful; some felt sad because the song performance by SECRET NUMBER was cut short by the Inkigayo team.


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With their distinctive cheerfulness and charm, SECRET NUMBER presented “STARLIGHT,” a song that marked their glorious comeback.


Many netizens had eagerly anticipated the return performance of SECRET NUMBER since the announcement of their presence on Inkigayo.


When the day of the performance finally arrived, the girl group managed to deliver a stunning and enchanting performance.


Amidst the resounding applause of the Inkigayo audience, SECRET NUMBER successfully presented a captivating and skillful performance.


It wasn’t only the in-studio Inkigayo audience that was mesmerized; online viewers also felt extremely happy to finally see SECRET NUMBER perform after quite a while.


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Many netizens sincerely praised SECRET NUMBER’s overall performance, ranging from their hairstyles, clothing choices, to their amazing stage presence.


For netizens, everything seemed perfect for SECRET NUMBER to shine on the event stage.


Nevertheless, a sense of disappointment was also felt by some netizens because, in reality, the song by SECRET NUMBER was truncated, preventing it from being fully enjoyed.



Confusion arose among netizens when they witnessed this happening, prompting questions about the reasons behind it.


Some netizens speculated that the reason behind this might be related to the song’s duration, necessitating a cut.


However, different perspectives emerged from netizens who countered this argument by pointing out that other groups were still able to perform full songs even with longer durations.


After SECRET NUMBER’s performance on today’s Inkigayo show, various comments from netizens surfaced to express their views.


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“They often cut SECRET NUMBER’s performances on Inkigayo, but it’s okay, thankfully they still got a performance slot.”


“Maybe it’s a rule that each group has a certain duration, even back then Fire Saturday’s white and blue outfit was heavily cut.”


“But STAYC wasn’t cut.”


“They all look so beautiful, but it’s sad that the song was cut.”


“This is truly SECRET NUMBER’s most impressive performance. Seriously, they shone so brightly on Inkigayo.”


“I’m really touched watching them. Their progress is evident. They have more costumes now. The song wasn’t visible from a small agency. They just need to wait for luck to come.”


“They looked so gorgeous today. Their hairstyles are incredibly sweet, oh my! The stage set is beautiful for Inkigayo! I really love it,” and various other comments.





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