The Individual Idol Brand Reputation Rank – In August 2023, the Korea Business Research Institute announced the rankings of individual brand reputations that garnered attention. Through consumer participation analysis, media coverage, interactions, and community awareness indices for 1,720 idols, the ranking results have been revealed.


This analysis process took place from July 24th to August 24th. Replacing the previous first-place ranking held by BTS’s Jungkook with a brand reputation index of 4,484,639 in July, in August, that position was taken over by Minji NewJeans.


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With a brand reputation index of 4,616,273, Minji NewJeans successfully secured the top position in the individual brand reputation ranking.


There was a remarkable increase in Minji NewJeans‘ index, with a growth of 124.30% since July. This result indicates impressive growth in terms of brand reputation.


In the keyword analysis, the dominant phrases associated with Minji NewJeans in high rankings were “Super Shy,” “ETA,” and “Billboard.” Meanwhile, terms related to its highest rank included “fresh,” “adorable,” and “grow.”


Both sets of keywords provide an overview of the positive image and significant growth potential for Minji NewJeans.

The positive-negative analysis results for Minji also revealed positive outcomes, with a positive reaction score reaching 93.97%.


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On the other hand, after holding the first rank in the previous month, BTS’s Jungkook now ranks second in the individual brand reputation ranking. Jungkook BTS’s brand reputation index for August reached 4,415,051.


Not only Minji NewJeans, but Hanni NewJeans also experienced a significant ranking increase. Hanni successfully secured the third rank in this ranking with a brand reputation index of 4,032,937.


In terms of brand reputation index, Hanni saw a substantial increase of 171.75% compared to the previous month.


In the fourth rank, it appears that a member of NewJeans, Haerin, achieved a significant increase in her brand reputation index. The brand reputation index for Haerin NewJeans experienced an impressive surge of 195.90%, bringing its total score for August to 3,991,467.


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Meanwhile, in the fifth rank, the position is held by Jimin from BTS. Interestingly, after being in the third rank in the previous month, Jimin experienced a shift. Now, Jimin’s brand reputation index reaches 3,671,188, indicating a 12.64% increase since July.


Here is the top 30 individual brand ranking for August 2023:


Rangking Idol
1. Minji NewJeans
2. Jungkook BTS
3. Hanni NewJeans
4. Haerin NewJeans
5. Jimin BTS
7. V BTS
8. Hyein NewJeans
9. Danielle NewJeans
10. Kang Daniel Wanna One
11. Mimi OH MY GIRL
12. Winter aespa
13. Arin OH MY GIRL
14. YoonA Girls’ Generation
15. Juyeon THE BOYZ
17. Jeongyeon TWICE
20. Seulgi Red Velvet
21. Kyuhyun Super Junior
22. Jin BTS
23. Hong Eunchae LE SSERAFIM
24. Taeyeon Girls’ Generation
25. Jaehyun NCT
26. Wendy Red Velvet
27. Mingyu SEVENTEEN
28. An Yu Jin IVE
29. Kim Heechul Super Junior
30. Jinni NMIXX






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