Seunghan of RIIZEThe controversy that has ensnared Seunghan of RIIZE, after his past romantic relationship was revealed through intimate photos shared by a netizen, has stirred up discussions.


These photos depicted intimate moments between Seunghan and his ex-girlfriend, including instances of them sharing affectionate kisses.

In response to this controversy, Seunghan released a personal statement via the RIIZE Instagram account on Wednesday (30/08).


Here is the content of Seunghan’s personal statement:


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“Hello, this is Seunghan of RIIZE.


I think I should say something before I stand in front of our fans, so I am writing this.


First of all, I sincerely apologize to the fans who have supported RIIZE.


During the critical moments leading up to our debut, I have caused harm to our group due to my personal issues, and I have also disappointed the company staff and our members.


I apologize for not being able to apologize earlier because I was feeling scared and anxious.


This happened due to my own carelessness, and I cannot blame anyone else or make any excuses. I have reflected on my past actions.


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From now on, I will focus on RIIZE as my priority. I will be cautious in every situation I face, not only for the sake of RIIZE’s appearance.


I will do my best so that you can feel my sincerity towards RIIZE and the fans through my actions.


Once again, I apologize. Thank you for reading this lengthy message.”


On the same day that the above controversy was revealed, SM Entertainment announced that Seunghan would be absent from RIIZE‘s scheduled activities.


Netizens are wondering whether Seunghan will still debut with RIIZE after this revelation.


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