Jisoo of BLACKPINKRecently, one of the Korean media outlets reported that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will be the main character in the upcoming drama series by Coupang Play.


In this drama, Jisoo of BLACKPINK will showcase her acting alongside actor Park Jung Min, who has also starred in various popular drama series such as “Hellbound” and “Entourage.”


Set against the backdrop of a high-level air defense unit in Seoul, an intriguing story unfolds in the drama titled “Influenza.” The drama will depict the heroic journey of a soldier named Jae Yoon and his lover, Young Joo.


The two of them are portrayed to struggle together against a group of zombies and run towards each other after announcing their separation.


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This drama is adapted from a novel of the same title written by Han Sang Woon.


Jisoo will play the role of Young Joo, an ordinary citizen who suddenly finds out about her separation from Jae Yoon and struggles to comprehend her emotions.


Young Joo then attempts to reunite with her boyfriend, only to encounter rampaging zombies.

The character of Young Joo is also mentioned to transform into someone strong and skilled in combat, fighting for survival against the zombies.


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Meanwhile, actor Park Jung Min will portray Jae Yoon, a soldier who joins the military at the age of 26.

Jae Yoon later seeks alternative employment by working at a defense company.


Jae Yoon’s character is depicted as being obsessed with his girlfriend due to his fear of the future.

Unfortunately, Jae Yoon’s relationship with his girlfriend ends, and he must face a world overrun by zombies.

Jae Yoon’s character is also described as weak but confident.


Eventually, Jae Yoon becomes the leader of a squad fighting against the zombies.


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Directed by Seong Hyun Yoon and written by Han Jin Won, this drama series will feature some comedic elements.

As of now, both Jisoo’s and Park Jung Min’s agencies have not provided any comments regarding the news of their acting roles.

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