FIFTY FIFTY – The South Korean Court has rejected the FIFTY FIFTY’s lawsuit against ATTRAKT. In its effort, FIFTY FIFTY had submitted a request for the suspension of its contract with ATTRAKT since June 19, 2023.


However, on August 28, reports revealed that all claims filed by FIFTY FIFTY were dismissed by the court.

According to the Central District Court of Seoul, FIFTY FIFTY had not provided sufficient explanations to support its decision to terminate the contract with ATTRAKT.


As reported by Daum, the court faced difficulties in evaluating the alleged suspicions against ATTRAKT due to the lack of coherence in the data presented by FIFTY FIFTY.


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The three arguments presented by FIFTY FIFTY as the basis for terminating their contract with ATTRAKT included failure in payment, lack of awareness regarding health protection, and insufficient support provided.


Regarding the first claim concerning ‘payment failure’, FIFTY FIFTY suspected that ATTRAKT had concealed income from music activities and presented inaccurate financial reports for April 2023.


However, the investigation results showed that the errors in producing these reports were a result of internal mistakes made by the company’s staff, namely Ahn Sung Il, The Givers. Additionally, by the end of June, ATTRAKT had made corrections to the inaccuracies in the previously missing revenue records.



“It’s difficult to conclude that there was a breach of obligation to settle or provide settlement data to the extent of damaging the relationship of trust,” the court stated.


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Next, regarding the second claim about “lack of awareness of health protection obligations,” ATTRAKT acknowledged the health issues of its members, but the agency stated that they were promptly taken to the hospital.

The schedule of FIFTY FIFTY’s activities was also mentioned to have been well coordinated.


“It’s hard to say that the defendant (ATTRAKT) violated the health care obligation, and the plaintiff’s (FIFTY FIFTY) claims have been sufficiently proven only with the explanatory material provided thus far,” the presiding judge clarified while rejecting FIFTY FIFTY’s claims.


Moving on to the third claim, ‘lack of support’, FIFTY FIFTY claimed that it was difficult for ATTRAKT to support the entertainment activities of the group due to the termination of the outsourcing contract with The Givers.


However, the court judge reiterated that, “It’s not easy to conclude that the accused party has breached the exclusive contract solely because The Givers chose to no longer be involved in business matters related to the plaintiff.”


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After news of the court’s rejection of FIFTY FIFTY’s lawsuit against ATTRAKT, KNetz promptly provided various comments as follows:


“Clearly rejected,”


“It’s over,”


“Many said they didn’t understand about the contract, of course, they wouldn’t understand,”


“Clearly showing their ignorance,”


“An amazing ending,”


“What’s next now? Their image is already tarnished,”


“They must be trembling,”


“Will they continue their career with ATTRAKT?” and various other comments regarding FIFTY FIFTY.





Source: Theqoo, Daum

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