G-Dragon of BIGBANG is once again facing legal issues, this time being accused of drug use by the police.

The allegations against G-Dragon BIGBANG stem from the uncovering of a drug case involving the famous Korean actor, Lee Sun Kyun.

In addition to G-Dragon BIGBANG name, several other names have been dragged into this case, including members of the KPop group BTS and other celebrities.

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Despite the increasingly serious accusations against him, Kwon Ji Yong, the singer’s real name, ultimately denied all the allegations made against him.

To face this case and prove his innocence, G-Dragon has hired a lawyer at a significant cost.

He is known to have spent more than 20 million just to retain legal representation to assist him during the investigation.

Not wanting this negative news to escalate, G-Dragon seems to be taking a prudent approach to dealing with this issue.

Through his legal representative, Yoonhap reported that the BIGBANG member will voluntarily appear at the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency next month and be investigated.

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They also added, “Please take a responsible stance among the press and media to prevent irreparable damage to Kwon Ji Yong, a representative of the KPop artist community, due to the spread of baseless false information,” as quoted by Yonhap.

G-Dragon’s legal team also stated that they would take strong action against those who spread false information about their client.

The reason given by G-Dragon’s legal team for his visit to the police station for the investigation is to ensure a swift and fair inquiry.

This news has sparked various opinions among netizens due to his voluntary appearance.

Some netizens even expressed hope that “A Boy” did not actually use drugs.

Here are some netizen comments:

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“I really hope he didn’t use drugs… my old love…”

“He showed up voluntarily. After listening to his songs, I hope from a broader perspective that he didn’t do it for his own sake.”

“I don’t know why they postponed it until the 6th, they could have gone now for a quick investigation. I’m just curious.”

“Showing up voluntarily means he wasn’t summoned by the police, right?”

“It seems like he wasn’t the one who initiated drug use.”

“I’m not a fan, but I hope he didn’t do what the police claim.”

“I hope not. Maybe there are people hoping they did it. Lead a dignified life, GD Oppa.”

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