The emergence of the drug scandal involving G Dragon on October 25th has successfully shocked netizens.

However, amidst the shock of this recent drug scandal news, G Dragon has officially denied that he used illegal drugs.

But no matter how much he denies it, G Dragon still has to follow the procedure of the drug scandal investigation that involves his name.

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Despite initially denying it, G Dragon has promised to cooperate in the investigation of this drug case.

To handle this matter, it is known that G Dragon has hired a leading attorney from one of the law firms in South Korea.

According to the YouTube channel Lee Jin Ho, “I was surprised to see the law firm appointed by G Dragon. His main attorney is a former judge of the Constitutional Court during the president’s impeachment case. G Dragon is preparing very thoroughly for this incident,” said YouTuber Lee.

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Even more astonishing is the estimated cost of hiring this attorney, which is expected to reach millions.

Lee Jin revealed, “In this case, you pay a lot of money. A law firm charges around 1 billion won for cases involving famous celebrities. The costs vary from person to person, so they charge around 500 million to 1 billion won,” he said.

Continuing, he added, “In special situations or when the case is legally unfavorable, it can be more. If you use all the facilities, you can pay more. It could be 1 billion to 2 billion won.”

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Currently, G Dragon is still under investigation and is prohibited from traveling abroad due to the drug scandal involving him.

Previously, on October 28th, another celebrity, actor Lee Sun Kyun, in addition to GD, answered the police summons for further examination on drug use allegations. GD is likely to be summoned to the police for a similar examination as actor Lee Sun Kyun.

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