G-Dragon, also known as G-Dragon, has been appointed as a Chanel brand ambassador since 2021.

With his swag charm, G-Dragon even carries the title of “Human Chanel” due to his shining allure in the brand’s clothing.

Having brought Chanel to many prestigious events, GD’s drug case has now reached the ears of Chanel.

G-Dragon is known to have been charged with drug use on Wednesday October 25.

The police investigation of GD is a result of actor Lee Sun Kyun’s findings.

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When asked about G-Dragon drug case, Chanel admitted that they are aware of the current situation affecting the popular idol.

“We are aware of G-Dragon incident,” Chanel stated.

However, Chanel feels it is not appropriate to make any statements regarding G-Dragon drug case.

“But we have no statement to make at this time,” Chanel added.

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Meanwhile, G-Dragon is charged with violating drug management laws.

Before G-Dragon was questioned by the police, the drug use case started with actor Lee Sun Kyun, who was charged with marijuana and psychotropic drug use.

The location being investigated in GD’s drug use case and actor Lee Sun Kyun is an entertainment venue located in Gangnam, Seoul.

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