Soyeon (G)I-DLE – Recently, rumors of Soyeon (G)I-DLE being involved in a drug case have been circulating on social media. Many believe that Soyeon (G)I-DLE is connected to a drug case alongside actor Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon from BIGBANG.

On Thursday, October 26th, Cube Entertainment, the agency representing Soyeon (G)I-DLE, swiftly responded to these rumors. They vehemently denied the drug rumors and pledged to take strict actions against the spread of false information.

“These rumors have no basis. We will take legal action against posts spreading false information.”

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In addition to Soyeon, names such as Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM and composer Park Sun Joo were also dragged into this case. Both of their agencies have similarly refuted these rumors, stating that they are unfounded.

“The rumors concerning Kim Chaewon are entirely untrue. Kim Chaewon is currently in a recovery phase from influenza type A,” said a representative from Source Music.

These rumors were also directly refuted by the South Korean police. Given the numerous rumors and accusations targeting celebrities, the South Korean police have also clarified their stance.

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According to them, there are no other celebrity names involved in the Lee Sun Kyun drug case. It seems that these rumors originated from random posts by netizens on the DC Inside community forum.

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