Lee Sun Kyun – The aftermath of actor Lee Sun Kyun drug use case has had a significant impact on the careers that they have built over the years.

Not only has it affected their careers, but the actor’s wife, Jeon Hye Jin, who is also an actress, has been dragged into the controversy.

Recently, several advertising brands, upon learning about the actor’s involvement in the drug case, have terminated their partnership contracts with Lee Sun Kyun and Jeon Hye Jin.

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Since the terminated contracts potentially constitute a violation, both of them are required to pay penalties.

According to a critic and commentator named Kim Heon Sik, the penalties that Lee Sun Kyun and Jeon Hye Jin have to pay are estimated to be substantial.

In an interview with YTN News, the critic revealed, “The advertising industry often tends to be the first to respond to situations like this. Continuing with advertisements can lead to significant problems.”

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He further discussed the actor, saying, “Lee Sun Kyun has appeared in numerous advertisements, often alongside his partner. Even in Yoo Ah In’s case, the penalties related to advertising were so substantial that they were estimated to be around 10 billion KRW (7.4 million USD/IDR 117,689,600,000).

It is likely that such consequences are explicitly outlined in their contracts,” said critic Kim Heon Sik.

The critic expressed that this scandal involving he will significantly impact their future career. He stated, “Lee Sun Kyun is popular in the advertising industry due to his excellent reputation. As a result, the impact of this situation will be substantial and is likely to affect their ‘role’ in future films.”

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It is also possible that he and his wife, Jeon Hye Jin, will face financial consequences due to the breach of their advertising contracts.

It is known that the Drug Crime Investigation Team of the South Korean Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency is still investigating actor he.

Furthermore, apart from he, there are seven more individuals who are still under investigation in this case.

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