Rose BLACKPINK – Lately, there have been rumors of drug use among Kpop artists, following allegations of G Dragon’s drug use.

Initially, the suspicion of drug use by G Dragon arose because one of Lee Sun Kyun’s employees informed the police that the rapper was using illicit substances.

One Kpop artist affected by these rumors is BTS, with some members being rumored to be customers at the same place where Lee Sun Kyun allegedly used drugs.

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Furthermore, the name Chaewon LE SSERAFIM was also dragged into this drug-related case due to reports suggesting the involvement of a girl group member in the drug issue.

However, the police have stated that the rumors regarding Chaewon and BTS using drugs are false.

These unconfirmed drug rumors involving Kpop artists have caused harm to many celebrities. Singer Park Sun Joo was implicated in a drug rumor on October 26.

His agency, First One Entertainment, told My Daily on the same day, “The rumors concerning Park Sun-joo are entirely untrue.”

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In April of this year, one of the BLACKPINK members, Rose, also dealt with drug rumors. After seeing a group photo taken with Rose that was released by a brand’s creative director, some netizens pointed out a black-and-white ashtray on the table, raising suspicions that the female idol was using drugs.

A photo of Rose from BLACKPINK that became the subject of drug rumors among netizens

As the rumors spread rapidly on social media and online communities, YG Entertainment issued an official statement.

“The rumors circulating online about Rose BLACKPINK are clearly false,” they emphasized.

“We will take legal action against any malicious actions that violate the artist’s rights and harm their reputation. We will continue to monitor and respond firmly without mercy,” YG said.

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In September of last year, the police arrested actor Lee Sang Bo after receiving reports of a man running in the streets of Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu. The man appeared to be a drug dealer. As a result, the police requested the National Forensic Service to test Lee Sang Bo’s urine and hair, but no drugs were detected.

Therefore, the police announced that Lee Sang Bo was free from charges. Following this, Lee Sang Bo appeared on various programs and explained the situation when he was arrested. He complained about the pain he experienced as a result of the incident.

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