Source Music’s LE SSERAFIM Agency Addresses Kim Chaewon Involvement in a Drug Scandal.

Kim Chaewon is in poor health after contracting Type A influenza and has temporarily suspended her schedule.

Today October 26, Source Music announced, “Rumors regarding Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM are entirely untrue. She is currently in the process of recovering from the effects of the flu.”

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Furthermore, Source Music stated, “Kim Chaewon is scheduled to return to her activities on November 1st.”

A day earlier, rumors circulated that a well-known girl group member was under internal investigation for alleged drug use.

Although the police have not disclosed any celebrity suspects besides Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon, unconfirmed stories have spread through messengers and social media.

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There is also suspicion that the girl group member in question is Kim Chaewon.

Upon hearing these rumors, the announcement of Kim Chaewon’s return was not originally planned for today.

However, due to concerns about increasing suspicion, the announcement schedule was expedited.

The celebrity drug rumor started when actor Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon were charged with drug use.

Lee Sun Kyun is believed to be an internal supplier, and there are rumors of eight more internal individuals.

The names of these celebrities are said to have been revealed through a statement from a Gangnam entertainment company manager who is currently under internal investigation.

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Unconfirmed facts are considered baseless and have been circulated on social media.

Most celebrities who appeared on Jirashi have denied the allegations.

They have confessed to never using drugs and have not been investigated by the police for any related suspicions.

Furthermore, on the 24th, the police believe that Lee Sun Kyun not only misused drugs such as marijuana but also prescription sedatives and sleep medication intended for medical purposes.”

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