One person connected to the drug abuse case of Lee Sun Kyun is suspected by the police.

This is because the individual is believed to have planted marijuana in the hideout of drug users.

The person in question is the director of a bar who was reported to have extorted Lee Sun Kyun for a substantial amount of money.

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On October 26, 2023, the police found marijuana in the office when they arrested “A,” raising suspicions that he had planted marijuana there.

Following a report of drug use by “A” on October 18, detectives from the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency immediately arrested him after confirming that he was staying at a friend’s house.

“A” is accused of providing psychotropic drugs illegally. Actor Lee Sun Kyun is also suspected of using drugs at “A’s” residence in Seoul.

The police are also investigating “A” based on evidence that he communicated with Lee Sun Kyun more than 10 times and the accusation that he threatened he to obtain 300 million won.

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They arrested “A” while he was staying at his acquaintance’s office and found marijuana in the bathroom.

Someone connected to “A” mentioned, “There was a glass pipe believed to be used for smoking marijuana and a ‘plant grower’ in the room.”

The police suspect that “A” directly planted marijuana at the location. However, he reportedly explained, “My acquaintance planted lettuce.”

Meanwhile, the police are considering banning he from leaving Korea and plan to summon him for a drug test.

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Lee Sun Kyun’s attorney was also asked whether the actor really used illegal drugs.

Lee Sun Kyun’s attorney replied, “It is very difficult to provide an answer at this time. He will express his position to the investigative agency.”

It’s worth noting that the drug case involving Lee Sun Kyun has also implicated prominent names such as G Dragon, Chaewon LE SSERAFIM, BTS, and others.

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