With the increasing prevalence of drug cases involving South Korean celebrities, politicians have introduced a new policy.

Recently, after actor Lee Sun Kyun was revealed to be involved in drug abuse, implicating several other artists, South Korean politicians have decided to prohibit these celebrities from appearing on television.

On Friday, October 27, as reported by the Korean media JoongAng Daily, Chairman of the Korean Communications Commission, Lee Dong Kwan, will restrict the public appearances of celebrities.

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Lee Dong Kwan stated that the government needs to take a more proactive approach to protect the public from the negative influence of celebrities who break the law. “Some argue that restricting celebrities accused of using drugs violates their career freedom, but the government must consider its responsibility,” he expressed.

Until now, there have been no specific regulations regarding the appearance of celebrities with criminal cases on TV. Only a few TV programs like KBS and MBC have rules in place where celebrities with criminal cases are allowed to appear on their shows.

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This policy has been implemented after several South Korean celebrities, such as Yoo Ah In, Lee Sun Kyun, and G-Dragon, recently shocked their nation. Although G-Dragon has denied using drugs, some netizens still have suspicions about his behavior.

The current Broadcasting Act does not specify any regulations regarding restricting celebrities’ public appearances. However, with no specified timeline for this policy, politicians have stated that celebrities may be able to reappear once the controversies have subsided.

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