As of now, YG Entertainment and Lisa BLACKPINK have yet to provide clarity on the status of their contract.

Negotiations are still ongoing, even though it has been two months since Lisa BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment expired.

The uncertainty surrounding Lisa BLACKPINK’s contract status continues to pique public curiosity. Among all the BLACKPINK members, Lisa has been the center of attention when it comes to the extension of her contract.

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Especially with numerous rumors circulating, such as her allegedly rejecting YG’s contract offer twice. There have even been rumors suggesting that Lisa will join Columbia Records.

In a recent interview, Diana Flipo, a well-known Thai actress and a close friend of Lisa, also shed light on this issue.

During the interview, Diana Flipo spoke about Lisa’s contract with YG Entertainment.

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“In reality, no one really knows what’s happening. Let’s give her time, and we’ll all find out when the time is right.”

Diana Flipo explained that even though they are close, she is reluctant to inquire about this matter with Lisa, as it pertains to Lisa’s work.

“I’ve actually never asked Lisa about this. When we meet, we tend to avoid discussing work-related matters.”

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The public has long been aware of their friendship, which initially started as mere acquaintances, both hailing from Thailand. They were introduced by a vocal music teacher, and their friendship has now spanned almost seven years.

Throughout their friendship, they have consistently provided support to each other, including in this matter. Diana is genuinely committed to supporting whatever decision Lisa makes.

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