Jungkook of BTS will collaborate with David Guetta and MK on new remixes of his hit singles!

After releasing “Seven” and “3D,” both of which quickly became hits, Jungkook will be teaming up with French DJ David Guetta and MK to create remixes of his chart-topping songs.

On the night of October 28th, KST, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that Jungkook will be releasing two new remixes of his songs, “Seven” (feat. Latto) and “3D” (feat. Jack Harlow), both of which will be included in his upcoming solo album, “GOLDEN.”

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BIGHIT MUSIC described David Guetta’s remix of “Seven” as a skillfully crafted track by the French DJ and producer. This remix transforms the original track into an electrifying electronic dance genre, emphasizing the song’s energy with rhythmic keyboard sounds and a unique drop-section melody.

On the other hand, MK’s remix of “3D” is described as a reinterpretation of the original track in the danceable house genre. Produced by Detroit-born DJ and producer MK (Marc Kinchen), it captivates listeners with its captivating and repetitive sound.

This announcement has sparked a wide range of comments:

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“DAVID GUETTA??? Totally unexpected.”

“Using the French flag colors for the ‘Seven’ cover, hmm.”

“Another remix? There are already too many remixes, hahaha.”

“OK, I’m ready.”

“The more criticism he receives, the more he’s challenged. Good, keep going.”

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“This is why actions speak louder than words, let’s support and stream everything.”

“Another remix… my man won the ‘IDGAF’ war.”

Both remixes will be released on October 30th at 1 PM KST, just a few days before the release of “GOLDEN” on November 3rd.

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