South Korean footballer Son Heung Min has recently been rumored to be planning a marriage with a popular actress.

As reported by KBIZoom, the rumor circulating suggests that he is planning to marry the beautiful actress Moon Ga Young.

The rumor started from a user on X (Twitter) with the handle @KKVNOI, who claimed that Son Heung Min and actress Moon Ga Young were preparing for their wedding.

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According to the account, Son Heung Min and Moon Ga Young had met with a wedding planner.

The account owner wrote, “I know someone who is a wedding planner, and both of us came for a consultation.”

However, shortly after posting, the account owner quickly deleted the tweet.

Later, after deleting it, they posted again, saying, “I deleted the post about Son Heung Min. These people keep denying the truth to me. The truth won’t change. I heard this from a wedding planner, but I don’t want to believe it. Don’t believe it.”

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Here is a screenshot of the post:

Here’s a post from one of the X (Twitter) users who started the rumor that Son Heung Min and Moon Ga Young are planning to get married.

After the post was deleted, netizens who became aware of this rumor became increasingly curious about the details. In fact, the post has garnered nearly 1 million views on X (Twitter).

Naturally, this circulating rumor has sparked discussions among Korean netizens.

What’s even more interesting about this rumor is that both Moon Ga Young and Son Heung Min are known to have lived in Germany.

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In addition, Professor Park Jung Ho recently hinted that a major South Korean sports star would soon be getting married.

It is not known who the professor is referring to, but netizens have connected the hint to the rumor about he and Moon Ga Young.

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