Not long ago, Taehyung of BTS had to deal with an unpleasant incident involving a stalker attempting to intrude on the idol’s privacy.

The stalker was identified as a woman in her 30s who suddenly entered an elevator with Taehyung of BTS.

Upon entering, the woman called Taehyung BTS’s name and forced Kim Taehyung to sign a marriage proposal.

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Attempting to escape the scene, the stalker was apprehended by the police, and an investigation is currently underway.

Up until now, there was a strong tendency to consider this as an incident caused by an obsessed fan, with minimal impact.

However, lately, there seems to be a shift in public perception in South Korea. The catalyst for this change was a stalking-related murder case at Sindang Station (Jung-gu, Seoul) that occurred in September 2022.

This case involved a woman who had been stalked for nearly three years by a man. The woman was brutally murdered inside a train station building. The perpetrator was a male employee who had stalked her repeatedly. The victim, who had been subjected to stalking and threats, had reported the incidents to the police in October 2021.

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The man, fueled by his grudge, eventually decided to commit this heinous crime. In the end, the life of the 28-year-old woman was taken in a gruesome manner.

After this incident, criticism in South Korean society focused on the police response, which appeared to lack the intent to address stalking cases.

In fact, the police who received reports from the victim did not detain the man because they believed there was no risk of destroying evidence or fleeing, and they seemed to be pushing for a peaceful resolution between the two parties.

The man continued to contact the woman under the pretense of resolving the issue, but the police did not actively intervene.

This murder could have been prevented if the police had taken a more proactive approach to the investigation.

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Korean criminal psychology experts suggest that stalking can escalate into more serious crimes.

Kim Sung Hee, a professor at the Korean National Police Academy, mentioned that stalking can lead to planned revenge murders.

Research has revealed that when murder is committed against someone believed to have a close relationship, the rate of premeditated crime is three times higher than in regular murders.

Professor Lee Eun Hyuk from Konkuk University also warned, “People with strong delusions of love will attempt to subdue others through violence when faced with rejection.”

These opinions are why ARMY should not dismiss the incident involving V BTS this time. Because if it is perceived as an act by a fan, there is a significant potential for it to escalate into more serious crimes.

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