Lee Sun Kyun is suspected of using a different type of narcotics compared to G-Dragon.

This has resulted in the possibility of differing penalties for both stars.

Lee Sun Kyun is suspected of using marijuana and psychotropic drugs, while G-Dragon is suspected of using narcotics, including opium, cocaine, and various mixtures with similar contents.

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On October 28, the Korean police provided separate charges for each star.

The police have not disclosed the specific drugs used by Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon.

Narcotics Control Law prohibits the use, cultivation, possession, and sale of narcotics. It categorizes them into three categories: narcotics, psychotropics, and marijuana.

Socially, all of these are collectively referred to as “drugs.” However, the law clearly distinguishes the types in detail. The severity of penalties for drug use is also classified in detail based on the risk of abuse and addiction.

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Marijuana includes marijuana and products made from marijuana (resin, powder, essential oil, etc.). Some foreign countries have legalized marijuana, but South Korea still prohibits it due to concerns about its potential for abuse and use of other illegal drugs.

Psychotropic drugs are substances that act on the human central nervous system and have a broader scope. This category includes Methamphetamine, Propofol, Ketamine, Zolpidem, and others.

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The police will soon conduct tests on Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon to confirm the types of narcotics consumed, including how frequently they used these substances.

At present, both stars are prohibited from leaving South Korea.

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