South Korea is currently abuzz with drug-related cases involving various famous artists.

The case first hit actor Lee Sun Kyun, who was confirmed to have consumed drugs at an entertainment venue in Gangnam, frequently visited by many celebrities and chaebols.

Shortly after the revelation of Lee Sun Kyun’s case, the police disclosed that they are currently investigating several celebrities suspected of involvement in this case. From the police statement, various rumors emerged, implicating many other artists in drug use.

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The names of some BTS members were also dragged into the scandal, accused of being involved in Lee Sun Kyun’s drug case.

The involvement of BTS members was apparently due to some of them being customers at the same place where Lee Sun Kyun was known to use drugs.

In addition to BTS, Chaewon LE SSERAFIM, a popular female idol, was also accused and rumored to be involved in drug use.

Previously, there were rumors circulating that a famous singer and a member of a well-known girl group were also involved in this drug use case.

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However, Chaewon’s agency immediately refuted these rumors, stating that they were all hoaxes.

In response to the numerous allegations and rumors targeting celebrities, the South Korean police issued a clarification.

In their statement, the police stated that they never mentioned the involvement of female singers. While it is true that there are two celebrities involved, one of them is already under investigation.

They expressed their confusion over the reports related to these two singers.

They also added, “There are no other celebrities involved except for one well-known celebrity that we are currently investigating.”

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The clarification from the police has brought relief to K-Pop fans.

Not only that, but some netizens also expressed their frustration with individuals attempting to spread false news by implicating idols in this case, with comments such as:

“Everyone who spreads these rumors should be held accountable.”

“HYBE, let’s sue all those who spread these rumors.”

“Since morning, I’ve been hearing so many celebrity names mentioned in this case; you can’t let these rumors go unchecked,” and various other comments.

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