On Sunday, October 29th, NewJeans hosted a live broadcast on Weverse to celebrate their fandom’s anniversary, Bunnies.

During the live broadcast, the members of NewJeans celebrated the special day with enthusiasm.

However, the action of the oldest member of NewJeans, Minji, caught the attention of netizens and sparked heated discussions.

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This was because Minji’s hand gesture while blowing a birthday trumpet was perceived as resembling the hand gesture of someone holding a cigarette.

Minji’s hand gesture in NewJeans looked like someone smoking (Weverse).

This was considered controversial and ultimately led to debates among netizens.

Many netizens believed that the gesture was just a coincidence.

However, others thought it was a habit of someone who smokes.

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Here are some comments from netizens regarding Minji’s controversial hand gesture:

“It’s just a coincidence.”

“I don’t smoke, but I do that often.”

“How can it be a coincidence?”

“It’s a habit.”

“Let people think what they want.”

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“She’s a role model. No one would think she smokes when they see that video.”

“Wow, we can’t trust a celebrity’s image.”

“I’ve never touched a cigarette before, but sometimes I make a gesture like that.”

“Even if she does smoke, what’s wrong with that? She’s already an adult.”

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