G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun are entangled in a drug case that has implicated several celebrities, including BTS and Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM.

It is known that G-Dragon investigation in the drug usage case is a result of Lee Sun Kyun’s investigation, which mentioned a nightlife venue in Gangnam, Seoul.

After the name of this venue became public, the drug usage case involving G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun has drawn in the names of several celebrities.

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Apart from BTS and Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM, Jeon Soyeon of GIDLE has also been rumored to have visited the same place and is suspected to be involved in the drug usage case with G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun.

However, the agencies representing BTS, Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM, and Jeon Soyeon GIDLE have all simultaneously stated that these accusations are unfounded.

Regarding the involvement of celebrities in the drug usage case linked to GD and Lee Sun Kyun, the police issued an official statement on Monday October 30.

Is it true that there are other artists besides G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun who need to be investigated by the police?

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Officials from the South Korean National Police Agency categorically stated that no other celebrities need to be investigated in connection with the drug case of G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun, including BTS, Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM, and Soyeon GIDLE.

As reported by SPOTV News, the South Korean police also mentioned that they would take firm action against the spread of baseless rumors regarding drug use attributed to celebrities.

The police also stated that as of now, there have been no reports or legal actions related to defamation or other claims concerning the spread of rumors involving numerous celebrities.

So far, only five individuals have been questioned by the police in connection with the drug usage case, including Lee Sun Kyun, GD, a nightlife venue manager, Mr. A, a doctor, and an employee of a nightlife venue.

Additionally, five other individuals who were also questioned by the police include third-generation chaebol family members, a composer, and a prospective singer.

Meanwhile, the Incheon Police Agency has recently completed a simple drug test on Lee Sun Kyun, who was suspected of drug use, but the test results came back negative.

A retest has also been conducted, and the police mentioned that the results can only be determined after 2 to 3 weeks.

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Furthermore, the timing for Lee Sun Kyun’s re-summoning has not been decided yet, and concerning GD’s summons, the police stated, “We are not yet considering a summons, confirming the ongoing investigation status, and other details.”

Commissioner Yoon Hee Geun stated that they will conduct further investigations on Lee Sun Kyun and GD using various methods.

“We are conducting a swift investigation using various methods, including obtaining statements from those involved, mobile forensics, as well as searches and seizures,” Commissioner Yoon Hee Geun clarified.

The police firmly deny the existence of any other celebrities who will be investigated in connection with Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon drug usage case, and names like BTS, Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM, Jeon Soyeon GIDLE, and other celebrities are automatically considered clear of involvement.

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