Seunghan  It seems that Korean netizens are moving in opposing directions and divided into two groups regarding the controversy involving Seunghan from RIIZE.


Before RIIZE’s debut, Seunghan had been embroiled in controversy, and the Korean internet community has split into two viewpoints on whether he should stay with the group or leave.


There’s a group of KNetizens urging Seunghan to leave RIIZE, but on the other hand, there are also those who hope he remains with the group.


Seunghan of RIIZE is facing a significant issue, as a controversy has erupted due to the spread of inappropriate photos.

Recently, Korean netizens have revealed photos purportedly of Seunghan from RIIZE and his girlfriend, showing them in bed together and kissing. This has drawn widespread public attention.


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The emergence of these photos has put Seunghan and RIIZE in a very unfavorable situation.

They were on the brink of their RIIZE debut, and this controversial incident has made their situation even more delicate.


The situation has escalated further, prompting Seunghan to apologize through RIIZE’s official Instagram account.

In his apology, he expressed regret for damaging the group’s reputation at such a crucial time.


“I have caused damage to our group due to my personal issues, and I have also disappointed the company staff and our members.”


Seunghan also pledged to prioritize RIIZE and promised to be more cautious in the future.

SM Entertainment has issued an official statement regarding this situation, highlighting their stance on the leak and illegal dissemination through private media, and asserting that such actions are a clear violation of the law.


Online community reactions to this controversy vary, with some Korean netizens feeling empathy towards Seunghan. They empathize by considering his age and circumstances. However, many believe that his choice to leave RIIZE is the better decision, especially considering RIIZE has not officially debuted yet.


The overall sentiment of these comments indicates a division among Korean netizens. Opinions vary; some believe that, given the lack of strong evidence regarding his underage girlfriend, Seunghan might not have needed to apologize.


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On the other hand, many feel that controversies like this, especially before an official debut, have the potential to have a long-term impact on the group’s future. Therefore, the best option might be for Seunghan to leave the group.

Pro-con comments:


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His Life Story is Sad…


“If only they had reported it sooner… Then they would all be kicked out, including those who constantly claim to be underage and post photos everywhere without knowing their age.”


“He shouldn’t have to apologize to us, but apologizing to the company and fans is the right thing to do. He could change completely after experiencing this… That’s what I feel.”


“It’s so foolish because there’s no evidence that she’s still underage, but people are making a fuss after seeing someone say that his girlfriend is underage.”


“Oh my… If they had already debuted, it would be easier to apologize and move on rather than kicking him out, but since they haven’t debuted yet, I think it would be cleaner to just kick him out. It’s like pulling the plug.”


“I think it would be better if the group’s image doesn’t include him because they haven’t officially debuted yet, but I wonder if this is different for the members who trained with him.”


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“This group has just started, kick him out.”


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“But is he really underage? It was just spread on the forum. Are we basing the truth on forums since we did that? What if you get sued?”


“So basically, SM is saying they’ll keep him. What can we do?”


“What?? He’s not leaving???”


“He’s not underage, so why is he apologizing…? with.”


“I think it would be better to just kick him out… He stood out to me because he’s my type, but now, every time I see him, I only see that photo. This is too big of an issue for a newly debuted idol to handle.”


“A… If you want to ignore it, just ignore it. If you’re going to write an apology letter, explain whether he’s underage or not.”


“Kids like him will always cause problems again.”


“Leave the group,” and other comments.





Source: Koreaboo, Theqoo

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