FIFTY FIFTY – On this August 28th, the Seoul Central District Court, in the 50th phase of its civil dispute division, decisively rejected the application filed by FIFTY FIFTY regarding their lawsuit for the suspension of their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT.


Although representatives from the law firm representing FIFTY FIFTY hoped that the trial could proceed on the same day they applied for a re-interrogation, this desire was not granted by the presiding judge of the trial.

The decision has not been publicly disclosed yet but has garnered widespread attention from the music industry stakeholders.


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A music industry official revealed that requests to suspend exclusive contracts usually emerge when trust has eroded, forming the basis for contract suspension petitions.


Furthermore, the reversal of this decision is not without specific reasons, making it not uncommon for such outcomes to eventually not materialize.


The court’s ruling also affirmed that FIFTY FIFTY will remain under ATTRAKT’s management for the time being.

However, members of the FIFTY FIFTY group remain steadfast in their strong stance that they will not return to ATTRAKT.


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Previously, in an interview aired on the SBS television show ‘I Want To Know’ on August 19th, a family member of one of the FIFTY FIFTY members had also expressed their viewpoint.


The essence of the conversation revealed that they are unwilling and uninterested in returning unless they have a role as a singer.


Subsequently, on August 16th, the FIFTY FIFTY members conveyed their views in writing to the court.

In their statement, they explained that the members and their families are in a situation where returning to ATTRAKT is not feasible due to financial opaqueness.


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However, despite FIFTY FIFTY having made their debut not long ago, and despite their members rarely participating in promotions, they have organized events and released global music resources that took a considerable amount of time to complete.


Therefore, at the time of the submission of the application, significant income was not recorded.


Considering these factors, a music industry official stated that unless an agreement is reached with ATTRAKT, the FIFTY FIFTY members will continue to uphold their lawsuit against ATTRAKT and object to the court’s decision to reject the suspension of the exclusive contract.


It is unknown whether their contract will persist or not, but there is a possibility that the FIFTY FIFTY members will come to a dramatically different agreement with their agency.


This is due to the unfavorable public opinion that is apparent towards them.

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