LE SSERAFIM – After the news about HYBE’s plan to launch a girl group spread a few days ago, the attention is now focused on a group named LE SSERAFIM.


LE SSERAFIM, a group of idols under HYBE’s management, has recently caught attention as they temporarily stayed in one of the dormitories.


However, their response has been deemed lacking in empathy as the dorm they occupied was supposed to remain clean and tidy, but the members of LE SSERAFIM seemed to have left it messy when they left.


On August 28th, an internet user posted a story stating that they lived in the same building where the LE SSERAFIM members had recently moved in.


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About a month ago, they shared that each member of LE SSERAFIM had lived in the same dorm building, which coincidentally they also inhabited.


However, after the group members moved out, they noticed several piles of trash left behind in the room.

In their view, this isn’t a minor issue and should receive more attention to maintain cleanliness and tidiness for the next occupants to feel comfortable.


In Korea, the policy is to promptly dispose of trash in the form of piles or anything left behind, using special stickers that indicate city sanitation workers will take care of it.

Several stacks of furniture trash in the LE SSERAFIM dormitory (Koreaboo).


Moreover, after seeing the post, another netizen commented that HYBE agency seemed not to care much about dorm cleanliness.


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Consequently, HYBE received sharp criticism after the post on Theqoo quickly went viral, as the agency appeared to overlook the disorderliness that occurred in the LE SSERAFIM dorm.


“Why didn’t they respond when the upkeep is so easy?”


“Now that it’s gone viral, fix it quickly, LOL.”


“It’s not even hard to take care of. Why didn’t they do anything?”


“Is it because it’s a dorm? Shouldn’t the label be responsible for these things rather than the people living in it?”


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“This is a lame excuse as if HYBE doesn’t have anyone who can work outside, LOL.”






Source: Koreaboo, Theqoo

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