BABYMONSTER and RIIZE The epic showdown between BABYMONSTER and RIIZE has been scheduled for September, where both of them will make their debut in the same month.


One Korean media outlet has regarded BABYMONSTER and RIIZE as the two most highly anticipated rookie groups to make their debut.


Fans’ enthusiasm is clearly visible, as they can’t wait for the debut of these two groups.

September seems to be a crucial debut moment not only for BABYMONSTER and RIIZE but also for several other rookie groups.


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The influence held by these boy and girl groups has been evident through how they managed to capture the public’s attention.


The battle in September is not only between these two groups but also involves the significant roles of the agencies representing them in the competition towards debut.


BABYMONSTER is from YG Entertainment, while RIIZE is from SM Entertainment. The impact they possess has become a significant measure. As a result, Mhns, a Korean media outlet, has announced that the debuts of BABYMONSTER and RIIZE are among the most anticipated, both nationally and internationally.


With both groups having seven members each, the curiosity of netizens has heightened, and everyone is eagerly anticipating how their performances will be delivered on stage.


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After the Korean media outlet concluded that the two groups from major agencies (big4) are highly anticipated, various reactions emerged from netizens. Interestingly, even though the official debut of these two groups has not yet taken place, their fandoms have started to form and become active.


Furthermore, their pre-debut songs have also taken positions on music streaming platforms, showcasing their significant impact.


“Really looking forward to these two groups, as usual, SM and YG debuting together.”


“Waiting for BABYMONSTER is like waiting for a baby to be born, waiting for 9 months (laughs).”


“I’m sure both of them will become rookie monsters; even before their debut, they’ve already broken several records.”


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“After NCT and BLACKPINK, here comes RIIZE and BABYMONSTER.”


“Hope BABYMONSTER releases their debut date poster this week.”


And many more comments from netizens can be seen eagerly anticipating them to shake up the K-Pop music scene.

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