– Woolim Entertainment, the agency that represents Kwon Eunbi, has stated that they will take action against the harassment involving their artist.


Apart from the harassment incidents, Kwon Eunbi has also fallen victim to the unauthorized spread of her private information by an irresponsible individual.


In their announcement letter, Woolim Entertainment promises to take strong measures against all criminals responsible for the offenses against Kwon Eunbi.


“Recently, we have identified numerous criminal posts, including sexual harassment, defamation, fake news, and privacy violations related to Kwon Eunbi on various online community forums, social media platforms, YouTube, and the like,” Woolim Entertainment writes in their statement.


Furthermore, Woolim Entertainment shares the ongoing process to safeguard Kwon Eunbi from any irresponsible actions.


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“We are aware of the inappropriate content in these posts and have collected relevant materials and substantial evidence through monitoring.


We have decided that we will no longer overlook or tolerate the severity of this situation, so we will reinforce our stance.


We will actively gather evidence and monitor malicious posts to protect our artist to the best of our ability.

In the future, if dangerous posts are discovered, we will respond without leniency,” Woolim Entertainment firmly states.


After the release of Woolim Entertainment’s statement, Kwon Eunbi received numerous comments from KNetz on the Pann site.

Regarding Kwon Eunbi’s new, more provocative image, KNetz instead criticized Woolim Entertainment’s action of addressing the sexual harassment involving Kwon Eunbi’s name.


KNetz also debated whether the perpetrators of the harassment involving Kwon Eunbi were mostly males or females, along with diverse comments from KNetz on Woolim Entertainment’s decision:


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“I’m sure 80% of the perpetrators are women.”


“There are many instances of sexual harassment on YouTube and Instagram; if you’re determined, just report all of them.”


“Many wonder why they do this to something explicitly sexual haha. Let’s catch those women.”


“It seems like the rumors started to get concerning when the accusations of plastic surgery spread. Those are just fabricated rumors.”


“If it’s mentioned that mostly men are leaving negative comments about Kwon Eunbi, I’ll bring the evidence wkwkwk. Most of the negative comments here are from women.”


“The men claim that many women are jealous of Kwon Eunbi, so they blame women. But the truth is, it’s the men who keep leaving mean comments about Kwon Eunbi.”


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“But aren’t celebrities supposed to accept criticism in their work? Haha, she must not be professional.”


“But it’s not a big deal, hahaha,” and various other comments from KNetz regarding Woolim Entertainment’s action on addressing the sexual harassment involving Kwon Eunbi.






Source: KBIZOOM, Pann Nate

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