Troye Sivan – A while ago, Troye Sivan posted a series of videos on TikTok featuring moments of Hyunjin from the group Stray Kids. These posts triggered various lively reactions from fans.


The posts sparked speculation among fans, who believed that Troye Sivan might have special feelings for Hyunjin. Some even thought that this could be part of a marketing strategy employed by Troye Sivan, linking himself with one of the Stray Kids members.


In a video previously uploaded by Troye Sivan featuring Stray Kids‘ song “S-Class,” he captioned, “Wow, I really like this guy. Want to sing with him someday.”


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Following Troye Sivan’s uploads, fans began to hope and fantasize about the possibility of a collaboration between Troye Sivan and Hyunjin from Stray Kids.


Earlier, when asked about the possibility of a collaboration, Troye Sivan had dropped hints through statements that raised question marks.


“That would be so much fun. I’d do it in a heartbeat.”


Not only showing interest in Hyunjin, Stray Kids fans also discovered several similar videos of Troye Sivan dancing to unreleased songs by PinkPantheress.


Not long after that, he announced his plans to collaborate on a remix of the song “Rush.”

Finally, on Wednesday (30/08), the Australian artist shared a video on TikTok revealing that he would collaborate with Hyunjin from Stray Kids and PinkPantheress.

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Not only that, the cover for the remix has also been unveiled, featuring the three singers with a pink color scheme.

Upon learning this, netizens flooded Troye Sivan‘s latest TikTok video with comments.


“This fanboy is seriously causing a stir.”


“Whoa, OMG!”


“Are you serious?”


“So excited for this collab.”


“Sorry for doubting, man. Can’t wait.”


“Not joking anymore, right?”


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“I had a feeling, though. Still surprised. OMG.”


“Finally… this is happening.”


“Congratulations, man. Finally get to collab with Hyunjin.”


“Wait, with Hyunjin? Why didn’t I know about this?” and many more comments.


Meanwhile, in his latest TikTok video, He mentioned that the song would be released on Thursday (31/08) at 13:00 KST.

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