KWON EUNBI – Kwon Eunbi, a renowned soloist under Woolim Entertainment, has come under the spotlight after facing an inappropriate incident on social media platforms.


On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, Woolim Entertainment released an official statement in response to the situation involving Kwon Eunbi.


In their official statement, Woolim Entertainment firmly stated that the responsible individuals involved in the inappropriate actions towards Kwon Eunbi will not be forgiven.


The company also emphasized that strong actions will be taken against these individuals, not only related to incidents of sexual harassment but also the dissemination of Kwon Eunbi’s personal information by them on social media platforms.


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“Recently, we have identified numerous criminal posts, including sexual harassment, defamation, fake news, and privacy violations related to Kwon Eunbi on various online community forums, social media, YouTube, and so on,” wrote Woolim Entertainment in their statement.


In the official letter, Woolim Entertainment explained that they are actively monitoring all forms of inappropriate content on social media platforms related to Kwon Eunbi.


With determination, Woolim Entertainment stated that they will no longer overlook any posts that violate ethical norms, particularly those related to their artist, Kwon Eunbi.


“We are aware of the inappropriate expressions in these posts and have collected relevant materials and substantial evidence through monitoring.


We have decided that we will no longer ignore or tolerate the severity of this situation, so we will strengthen our position,” wrote Woolim Entertainment again.


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Continuing to address the inappropriate posts about Kwon Eunbi, Woolim Entertainment currently acknowledges that they are gathering evidence and monitoring malicious posts to protect their artist.


“We will actively gather evidence and monitor malicious posts to protect our artist to the best of our abilities.

In the future, if dangerous posts are found, we will respond without leniency in punishment,” Woolim Entertainment emphasized.


Not only that, Woolim Entertainment also called upon fans and supporters to join hands in efforts to report any suspicious posts or criminal actions that harm her.

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“If fans come across malicious posts or criminal actions related to our artist, please report them to our official email account.


We will do our best to protect the personal rights of our artist, and we ask fans to show much love and support for Kwon Eunbi,” Woolim Entertainment concluded.






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