The new MBC drama titled “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” is set to air soon.

The drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” has officially released posters featuring the faces of their main characters.

This time, “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” features Lee Se Young and Bae In Hyuk as their main characters.

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Premiering this month, the drama has released new character posters with a background color that matches the cast.

The production is intriguing as it explores the contrast that challenges societal norms and expectations. This will be depicted in the Joseon era compared to the 21st century.

The drama also presents a unique and imaginative storyline. It revolves around an eccentric and wealthy contractual marriage, to be portrayed by two actors.

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The Confucian girl, Park Yeon Woo, will be played by Lee Se Young, and Kang Tae Ha, portrayed by Bae In Hyuk, plays the role of a chaebol heir. He is a third-generation character with no emotions in the drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.”

In the poster, Lee Se Young can be seen wearing a bright red Hanbok with a wedding veil, further enhancing the lively character portrayal of Park Yeon Woo. The veil she’s wearing replaces the traditional Hanbok.

Baek In Hyuk showcases a unique blend of traditional charisma and a modern twist. He exudes a serious charm as Kang Tae Ha in a black tuxedo and a traditional wedding face cover with a blue background.

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Don’t miss “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” which is set to premiere on November 24th KST.

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