Lee Sun Kyun and GD have recently been charged by the police for suspected involvement in the use of illegal narcotics.

However, the investigation results for both Lee Sun Kyun and GD have shown no positive indication of drug use.

After GD’s test results were confirmed negative following a 4-hour investigation some time ago, Lee Sun Kyun has now also been declared negative for drugs by the police.

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As reported by My Daily on Wednesday, November 15, Lee Sun Kyun’s leg hair, which was suspected of drug use, has also been declared negative.

Due to the consistently negative test results, criticism of the police is expected to increase.

The police are said to have initiated the investigation based solely on the statement of Employee A, a female employee at an entertainment venue with six criminal convictions.

Moreover, the police investigation process to prove Lee Sun Kyun and GD positive for drug use is also considered excessive.

According to Hankook Ilbo, the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon police secured leg hair and hair during the initial investigation of Lee Sun Kyun last month and requested a detailed examination from the National Institute of Forensic Science.

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“It has been confirmed that the National Forensic Science Agency recently issued a decision that Lee Sun Kyun’s leg hair could not be identified (as drug use),” wrote Hankook Ilbo, quoted from My Daily.

The exact reason for this decision was not disclosed, and the police are known to be considering the possibility that the amount of body hair collected may not be sufficient.

“We are considering several options, including re-collecting Mr. Lee’s leg hair and requesting analysis,” said a police statement.

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It is known that the collected leg hair from Lee Sun Kyun is the last opportunity to secure remaining physical evidence.

However, actor Park Yu Chan, who was sentenced to probation in 2019 on charges of using the illegal drug Philopon, also had narcotics not found in urine tests detected through detailed analysis of leg hair.

Furthermore, the case against GD, charged with the same offense as Lee Sun Kyun, does not guarantee proving the allegations.

In an interview with Yonhap News TV on Monday 13 November, GD was asked if he used drugs and emphatically stated, “I did not use it.”

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Previously, during the police investigation, Employee A from the entertainment venue stated that GD went to the restroom and found a suspicious package.

“At the beginning of December last year, after Mr. Jiyong Kwon went to the restroom, a suspicious package was found in the restroom,” said Employee A.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the police charged GD based on Employee A’s subsequent statement that, “Right after that, Mr. Kwon’s behavior was also strange.”

Regarding Employee A’s statement, GD discussed it in his interview after being declared negative for drugs.

“I wonder if this can be justified? From what I heard, as far as I know, that person has another drug record, so I actually became very doubtful about the credibility of that person’s statement,” said GD.

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Moreover, even the police were said to have initiated the investigation based solely on Employee A’s statement and without any physical evidence.

At a press conference at the National Police Agency on Monday November 13, a police officer spoke about the analysis results for Lee Sun Kyun and GD.

“The drug crime investigation involves not only the analysis results of the National Forensic Science Agency but also statements from those involved and forensic data to determine whether the allegations are true or not.

It doesn’t make sense to conclude that this is an unfounded investigation,” said the police.

“However, the investigation is not easy because the facts are known at the time of the pre-test examination before clear evidence is obtained, and the investigation is conducted according to legal procedures,” he added.

Regarding the initiation of the investigation against GD and Lee Sun Kyun without clear evidence, the police also spoke up.

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“It is true that we started the investigation based on statements alone, without clear physical evidence, but there are statements (related) that we cannot confirm,” explained the police.

It is mentioned that the police are now receiving criticism from various quarters for an investigation considered unreasonable.

Attention is now focused on how the police will respond to the test results of GD’s remaining nail, which has also been declared negative.

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