G-Dragon conducted an exclusive interview with News Prime Yonhap News TV on Monday, November 13.

During the interview session, G-Dragon revealed his defense against the rumors currently surrounding him.

Gathering courage, G-Dragon finally opened up to the public to convey the truth. “I had many concerns about the decision to do the interview alone, but I decided to gather the courage to show the public that I am not guilty and to convey the truth,” G-Dragon expressed in his interview.

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In the interview, G-Dragon firmly stated that the rumors of drug use were not true. He emphasized that the negative results of the examination were accurate because he had never used drugs or even received them from anyone else. “Once again, I have never used drugs, nor have I ever given or received drugs from anyone, so if any substance is detected in my body, it is impossible,” he asserted firmly.

G-Dragon also mentioned that he voluntarily went to the police station because he felt there was nothing to hide. In his presence, he wanted to prove as quickly as possible that he was not guilty.

Regarding articles about his behavior at the police station, G-Dragon stated that he did not intend for it to be that way. “In fact, there is concern on our part because malicious articles containing indiscriminate mockery or expressions like ‘rude’ regarding my behavior on the day of the investigation. We are worried that misunderstandings like that may occur,” G-Dragon expressed his concern.

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Furthermore, the claim about shaving his entire body is not true. G-Dragon stated that he has not bleached or dyed his hair since the activities for the album last year. Even G-Dragon voluntarily submitted his hair, fingernails, and toenails for examination to prove his innocence.

G-Dragon continued, stating that at that time, the police did not have a warrant for communication or a body search.

Then G-Dragon mentioned that his case has deviated slightly from the main point. Suspicion and misunderstanding about him continue to grow, seemingly overshadowing the main issue of drug use.

“However, the main issue is whether I used drugs or not, and I am confident that it will be proven,” he said.

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Regarding public suspicion about his exaggerated speech and body movements, G-Dragon expressed his sadness about the misunderstandings that occurred. Therefore, G-Dragon revealed that he has become more cautious and careful in his speech.

This is because he feels the weight of every word he utters. “I don’t have an obligation to speak carefully, but I have started to take more time to think about what I say, even for simple and casual questions. This process takes more time,” he explained.

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