Jeno NCT has recently been hit by dating rumors from netizens on the Pann site, and of course, it has caused quite a stir.

Jeno NCT is rumored to be dating a musical actress whom, according to the OP, he is frequently seen with after finishing work.

However, the dating rumor surrounding Jeno NCT and the musical actress has sparked controversy due to the lack of accompanying evidence.

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Before this rumor spread, an OP wrote that a current A-Tier male idol born in the year 2000 is dating a musical actress.

In the post, the OP explained that fans like this idol because they perceive him as innocent and cute. However, according to the OP, behind this façade, after finishing work, he would get out of a van and go to his girlfriend’s house.

“If fans find out about this, they will faint,” the OP wrote in further explanation.

Similar posts about a male idol born in 2000 dating also emerged from other OPs. According to one OP, since the first rumor appeared, they were not surprised because many Jeno NCT fans already knew about it.

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Referring to the birth year mentioned by the OP, it cannot be denied that Jeno NCT was indeed born in that year. Additionally, considering Jeno’s membership in the NCT group, it is not an exaggeration to consider him as one of the A-tier idols, as stated by the OP.

Unfortunately, because the OP did not provide evidence such as photos or images, many netizens doubt the testimony written by the OP.

On the other hand, some netizens also agree that Jeno NCT may be genuinely dating a musical actress at the moment.

Here are netizens’ reactions to the OP’s allegations:

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“It’s interesting that fans already knew. Maybe because they didn’t explain it clearly.”

“Why all of a sudden? He even had a controversy with a female idol back then.”

Jeno NCT loves musical actresses.”

“You should at least post some evidence to claim they’re dating; your trolling is even lower than Twitter egg accounts.”

“I’m leaving the fandom now so I can say this. The rumor with Mina is indeed true.”

“People here talk as if they know everything, haha. You’re lying, just feeding the trolls without telling us anything.”

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“Is it really Jeno NCT? I’m not sure if he’s the one.”

“Is there anything more cruel than spreading irresponsible rumors without evidence, built from night to dawn, defaming NCT members with fabrication?”

“Who is this A-tier idol? Curious… Most music fans are around a certain age, so not many people match his age,” and various other netizens’ comments.

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