Lisa BLACKPINK is now seen actively using her social media account, Instagram.

She was seen sharing a post, a photo, for the first time in a while.

Lisa is starting to become active again after 19 days of being rumored to be blacklisted in China.

Now, Lisa breaks her silence after almost two weeks, revealing details as the rumors circulated.

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She is seen sharing a new photo with a promotional pose for a brand.

She is now promoting a perfume with the brand name Celine in her post.

In the caption of the photo, she writes a heart emoji with a promotional hashtag.

Lisa’s actions are seen as a response to the baseless rumors regarding the termination of her contract with the brand.

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Now, she proudly creates a photo with a pose featuring the mentioned brand, Celine.

Lisa Blackpink appears active with her new and sensational post (KBI Zoom)

Her actions have caused a stir among fans and supporters in the past few days.

Previously, Lisa was suspected to be on China’s blacklist.

Some sources say that she and her current partner are no longer in a relationship.

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The rumored breakup between Lisa and Frederic Arnault has caused concern among fans.

Fans are now worried about Lisa renewing her contract with YG Entertainment amidst the existing controversy.

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