Producer of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Seok, has been sentenced to six months in prison. Additionally, he faces a one-year probation for violations under the Specific Crimes Act during the appeal hearing held on the 8th.

After being initially declared not guilty in the first trial, the prosecutor added charges of attempted coercion as a preparatory act, leading to Yang Hyun Suk being found guilty.

As a consequence, there is speculation that the debut of BABYMONSTER, a girl group directly supervised by Yang Hyun Suk, may be further postponed.

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Originally scheduled to debut in September, BABYMONSTER debut was delayed due to internal reasons and is now rescheduled for November 24. They enter the music industry amid an unstable internal atmosphere at YG Entertainment.

The challenges extend beyond the leadership issues with YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk, as there are also unclear contract status issues with BLACKPINK. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, fans have high hopes for BABYMONSTER.

BABYMONSTER is the first girl group to debut under YG Entertainment in seven years since BLACKPINK. The group members have showcased their high-level vocal, dance, rap, and visual abilities through an eight-part reality show called “Last Evaluation.”

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The group’s official YouTube channel has amassed 3.17 million subscribers, ranking 11th among K-pop girl groups. Their pre-debut song “DREAM,” released in May, achieved success with 53.91 million views and reached the top position on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart in the U.S.

YG Entertainment has stated that they have secured many songs for BABYMONSTER album, including tracks from renowned international composers and in-house producers to meet K-pop fans’ expectations.

They emphasized careful selection of the title track and revealed that the music video was recorded over five days, aiming to capture each member’s individuality and the team’s identity.

Amid the crisis at YG Entertainment, marked by damage to the company’s image and a decline in stock prices, attention is focused on whether BABYMONSTER can revive the company.

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