Recently, YG Entertainment delivered surprising news about its upcoming girl group.

The news came from BABYMONSTER, scheduled to debut on November 27.

However, YG Entertainment announced that one of its members, Ahyeon, is reported not to be debuting with BABYMONSTER.

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On Wednesday, November 15, YG Entertainment officially shared news about Ahyeon future with BABYMONSTER.

According to Korean media reports, Ahyeon is said to be canceling her debut with BABYMONSTER on November 27.

BABYMONSTER is reported to debut with six members: Chiquita, Asa, Haram, Pharita, Ruka, and Rora.

Ahyeon departure from BABYMONSTER is due to personal reasons that led to her cancellation of the debut.

Upon hearing the news of Ahyeon leaving BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment issued an official statement.

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YG Entertainment stated, “We will inform the details later” to the media regarding Ahyeon’s departure from BABYMONSTER.

Ahyeon’s departure from BABYMONSTER began to surface when there was no news of her activities with the other members.

From creating content to BABYMONSTER’s debut teaser, which already indicated that only six members would debut.

Even fans noticed some anomalies after BABYMONSTER attended BLACKPINK’s concert a few months ago.

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BABYMONSTER is a girl group under YG Entertainment, initially confirmed to debut with seven members.

However, nearing the debut, BABYMONSTER has changed its formation to six members who will debut.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment recently released teasers of Chiquita and Asa from BABYMONSTER ahead of their debut on November 27, 2023.

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