The company that oversees BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment, reportedly has never removed Ahyeon name from the Naver profile.

It is reported that YG Entertainment does not directly manage Naver, and therefore, the disappearance of Ahyeon BABYMONSTER’s name on the Naver profile is not related to the company.

On the other hand, Naver stated that the disappearance of Ahyeon BABYMONSTER’s name is also not their responsibility.

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Quoted from a post on the BABYMONSTER fanbase Instagram account uploaded on Thursday, November 16, Naver has announced something related to Ahyeon BABYMONSTER.

Naver stated that they are not responsible for the disappearance of Ahyeon’s name on BABYMONSTER’s profile on their page.

Naver also added that there has been no direct involvement between YG Entertainment and them.

It is worth noting that anyone can change the information on the Naver page through correction or deletion requests at any time.

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Therefore, the removal of Ahyeon’s name is not related to her position in BABYMONSTER.

Here is the complete explanation from Naver to the public, quoted from the Instagram account

“Naver is not responsible for losses caused by trusting information on the Profile Page.

As you can see, there is still no date of YG Entertainment involvement on their Profile Page.”

“The person associated with that person’s information can submit a correction or deletion request to Naver at any time, either directly or through an agent, and the last date the correction request was processed by the person or their agent will be marked and provided as their participation date.”

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“Naver Co., Ltd. is a service provider provided by the person themselves or through material available to the public and does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of information.”

“Please make careful judgments as it is entirely up to the reader to decide whether to trust the information and to what extent the reader will trust it.”

“Naver will not be responsible for losses caused by trusting that information unless there is intent or negligence on the part of Naver or specific provisions based on related laws.”

“If there is incorrect information in this person’s information, please proceed with the error correction request. Self-participation correction requests, error correction requests”

“If errors or other information are found in personal information and need to be updated, please contact us through news or the official website. If you submit a request after attaching a reliable source, the responsible party will review it and update it promptly,” Naver concluded.

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